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Civic Engagement and Outreach

Civic and social responsibilities are key components in our lives. The GFWC Civic Engagement and Outreach Community Service Program is designed to actively connect members with effective projects and activities relating to civic and social responsibilities. This program focuses on citizenship, military personnel, emergency and disaster preparedness, and safety and crime prevention.

The Program is an outgrowth of the American Citizenship Department established in 1920. At that time clubwomen were working toward the elimination of racial and religious discrimination. Since 1950, clubwomen have addressed such issues as health care for veterans, the eight-hour workday, and child labor laws. Members are concerned about crime, safety, and voter awareness. First responders are honored with grab and go snacks on the Day of Service and Remembrance (September 11).  Our club has held a Candidates Forum two weeks before each city election since 2000.  We feel it is important that our citizens have access to the candidates and issues that involve our community.  We support K9 for Warriors, the Military Support Group of Alachua CountyWreaths Across America and Fisher House

Projects for 2021 included:

  • Hoods for Heros - the club raised money to purchase special hoods to protect our local firefighters from carcinogens while fighting fires

  • Hosted a Veteran's Day luncheon for the Heal the Vets group sponsored by the local library.

  • members donated used coats, sweaters, hoodies, and other warm cloths to children in need at the local middle school. Extras were given to the police department to give to people in need.

  • brought a basket of goodies, a gift card, and a travel mug to thank the local school crossing guard

  • Held a fund raiser for the local police department so they could purchase a handheld speed laser.

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