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Our Club has served our community since 1899. Our Clubhouse is over 95 years old and stands in the Historic District of High Springs, Florida. We hope you will consider this proud old, but recently renovated, building for your event.

The rental agreement (PDF / DOCX) will provide you with more detailed information. The agreement for rental can be mailed as indicated on the application.

Effective July 1, 2023, the rates are $40 per hour and must be rented for a minimum of 2 hours. Set-up and clean-up must be included in the rental period. Each additional hour, or any part thereof, will be an additional $40 dollars;

Specifically, *

2 Hours $ 80

3 Hours $120

4 Hours $160

5 Hours $200

6 Hours $240

7 Hours $280

8 Hours $320

9 hours $360

10+ Hours $400

                     *Plus sales tax.

❖  A security deposit of $100 will be required at the time of reservation. Some of the rules are (see agreement for details)

❖  You must provide all dishes, flatware, glassware, serving pieces, dish towels, table linens, trash bags, and decorations for your event.

❖  The kitchen facilities (EXCEPT FOR THE STOVE) may be used.

❖  If Lessee pays the deposit by check, the check must be provided at least two

weeks prior to the event. If the check for the deposit or rental is returned by the bank, the statutory fee permitted under Florida law or 5% of the face amount of the check will be assessed, whichever is greater. The amount owed must then be paid with cash or money order.

❖  A charge of up to $100 will be deducted from your security deposit to cover the cost of any repairs due to damage or any cleanup required. Any excess damage charges must be paid by the person responsible for the rental.

❖  The clubhouse must be cleaned, the air-conditioning unit reset, lights out, and vacated by all occupants no later than 1:00 a.m.

Please check Calendar for the day you wish to rent. Rentals are added when the agreement and deposit are received. The Calendar does not show rentals in the process, so you still need to verify availability with the Rental Coordinator.

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